About Maverick Lumber

We are a custom design/build studio of transitional/contemporary solid wood furniture and accessories.

In our short 7 year history we have handcrafted over 2200 pieces of furniture ranging from small side tables to great room hutches. These are now in fine homes, cottages, boardrooms, offices, restaurants, retail spaces and more all over Toronto, southern Ontario and beyond. Knock on wood. Again!

Part of our history is rooted in the fashion district of Queen St. West in Toronto, so it’s no coincidence that over the years that has been an influence and an outlet for a good portion of our work.

Maker of Handcrafted Solid Wood, Fine Furniture

Virtually all our work is made to order: each plank is individually hand selected, each piece hand crafted and then hand rubbed with oils and waxes. The results can be both seen and felt: super-crisp clean lines and a sensually smooth finish. From conception to completion we aim to create and deliver furniture and accessories that add warmth, presence and drama. Our methods combine traditional and modern construction techniques to achieve enduring quality and to highlight the natural beauty of every individual piece of wood. We combine natural wood with steel, glass, stone and other materials where taste, design and function allow to obtain striking results.

We are purveyors of wood in virtually all of its forms. Over the years we have built solid relationships with a broad array of suppliers that allow us to obtain wood of all grades and of any domestic or exotic species available. We regularly stock unique and extraordinary pieces of wood including wide planks of prime lumber, live edge slabs, timbers and reclaimed wood.

Our portfolio is merely a representative sample of furniture we have built and an even smaller sample of all furniture we intend to build. We love what we do and in many ways, we’ve only just begun.

Contact us for further details how to order, pricing, to arrange a design consultation or for any other inquiries. Also visit our In Studio page for furniture and accessories available now for immediate delivery.

Maverick Lumber is a furniture studio created by artisan Antonio Pacheco.

Our Environmental Vision

Our business is in large part based on a deep appreciation and fondness for wood, all wood and consequently the trees from where it comes. We believe that anyone who has ever sincerely pursued the craft of woodworking has made new objects with old wood and therefore, reclaimed it. We have been “re-claiming” re-usable lumber and “re-discovering” lost piles of old lumber cut many years ago and virtually forgotten from our very beginning and we have only ever used lumber from sources that practice sustainable forestry.

We share the view that the creation and use of thoughtfully designed and well crafted furniture and other objects of daily living raises the profile of wood, real wood, as a natural resource in the consciousness of the end user and consequently deepens their appreciation.

Our production methods conserve energy because we only build to order and do a lot by hand. We work closely with our clients and suppliers to obtain the best design results with minimal waste. Our hand rubbed finishes are non-toxic once dry and solid wood is all natural. We strongly believe that solid wood furniture built to last has less impact on forests and landfills than mass produced less expensive furniture built out of wood composites.

We have greatly reduced our waste destined for landfill by:

  1. designing and building small furniture and accessories using scrap wood waste
  2. giving other scrap wood to crafters who use it to make small items or to homeowners who use it to heat their homes
  3. giving away our wood shavings to gardeners in our local community who use it as mulch to replenish the soil
  4. giving our wood dust to automotive repair shops who use it in place of commercial compounds to absorb spills

We plan to continually expand this list with other ways of reducing impact and adding value to the environmental in the coming months and years ahead.

my influences are virtually infinite but the one most apparent to me (especially in the early days) is the work of the indigenous peoples of the west coast, whom I think, are Canada’s first woodworkers.

— Antonio Pacheco