(for a true craftsman) there is one perfect use for each flitch of timber, and his task….his duty….is to recognize it.

— George Nakashima


Maverick: someone who shows great independence in thought and action authentically hand crafted live edge hand rubbed precision clean lines reclaimed square edge timber logs log organic local locally made sourced locally 100 mile made to order custom sizes custom made black walnut quartered oak bubinga Douglas fir vintage contemporary modern furniture real solid wood art artist all natural urban inner city underground family collection individually handcrafted timeless esoteric exotic wood design designer European timeless drama enduring quality beauty lustrous finish precise sensual craftsman craftsmanship artistic philosophy sustainable vision Toronto Ontario Canada custom maple pine handmade stylish proportion detailed growth species artisan ebonized steel black steel stainless glass stone marble joinery built smooth tradition traditional table bed cabinet console credenza bench stool fixture dresser side table bureau desk unique original one of a kind home house cottage condominium boardroom table store lumber spalted salvage built to last tree mill saw plane chisel oil wax best sophisticated signature luxury lifestyle functional materials distinguished interior exterior meticulous personalized individual private corporate rift cut bespoke purveyor harmonious patina white black timeless authentic real solid